Top 10 Anti Cellulite Products

Anti Cellulite Products

Hundreds of anti cellulite products are lining beauty store shelves promising to rid you from unsightly bumps on your buttocks and thighs forever. Do some of them work or are they all just the next beauty gimmicks? Let’s be honest, almost 90% of females of all ages are affected by dimpled cellulite skin. It’s caused by uneven fat distribution that depends on the thickness of the skin, the amount of fat and heredity. No anti cellulite products can permanently remove the orange skin effect, however some of the products described below can significantly reduce the appearance of bumps temporarily by enhancing blood flow and removing excessive liquids from underneath the skin.

Anti Cellulite Products

1. Procellix

Procellix is one of the few anti cellulite products that has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin layers, breaking up cellulite under the skin and giving your skin a firm and smooth appearance. This product offers a trial, so that users can see the difference before spending a significant amount of money.

2. Murad Firm And Tone

This cellulite solution involves a three prong approach. There is a serum which tones and firms, a dietary supplement taken twice a day, and a cream which firms up the tissues under your skin.

3. Adonia Legtone Serum

Utilizing technology based on the use of botanical extracts and plant stem cells, this paraben free solution boosts collagen production. While Legtone Serum does receive good reviews the high price tag may make it a poor choice for anyone who may be on a limited budget.

4. Revitashape

A number of users rate Revitashape as one of the top anti cellulite products, but this cream does have a high cost and offers results that may be shorter lasting than some of the other creams and lotions on the market. The solution works by improving blood circulation and draining excess water from underneath the skin.

5. Revitol Cellulite Solution

Revitol is named one of the top ten treatments for cellulite for many reasons. Most users are very satisfied with the results seen, and the company offers a three month money back guarantee. This product contains a number of botanical extracts like green tea, algae, red pepper and caffeine intended to speed up blood circulation and remove toxins.

6. Dermology

Dermology offers rapid results, and has been called the best treatment you can find for eliminating cellulite relying on the metabolism boosting coffee extract and Retinol A to smooth the skin. There is a trial offer that you can take advantage of before you shell out a lot of money.

7. Nivea Goodbye

Nivea is one of the anti cellulite products that has a name you know and trust. This lotion has a cooling sensation on your skin, and is very reasonably priced. This product contains L-Carnitine, which in clinical trials is proven to burn fat underneath the skin.

8. Fat Girl Slim

Fat Girl Slim products are a little less costly than Revitol cellulite cream, but they do offer good results and have a price that is reasonable compared to some of the other cellulite products you will find on the market. This caffeine containing product offers a pleasant cooling sensation once applied.

9. Clarins High Definition Body Lift

Offered by a high end brand Clarins, this is one of the best anti cellulite products that has received good reviews from users. It works by simultaneously providing superior hydration and increased fat metabolism.

10. Celluscience

While you can do exercises to get rid of cellulite there is no guarantee you will get results. This cream has been endorsed by medical professionals and those in the scientific community because of the results seen with regular use.