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Wound Gel Dressing – Top 5 Picks of Professionals!

Wound Gel Dressing

Proper treatment of wounds is critical to ensure prompt and healthy healing. While we all have something in our medicine cabinet that we slather on everyday boo boos

KCI Wound VAC Treatment: Pros and Cons


Some wounds heal with wound cleanser and a band aid, and others need a little bit more help. For chronic wounds, a relatively new technological advancement found in KCI wound VAC products is bridging this gap.

Wound Dehiscence Treatment, Risks and Complications

Wound Dehiscence

Wound dehiscence is typically a complication resulting from surgery, where the wound breaks back open where stitches or sutures have been used. There are many things that can cause this

Nutrition And Wound Healing – What Is The Link?

Nutrition And Wound Healing

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is very capable of healing itself when providing with what it needs. Nutrition and wound healing go hand in hand.

Stages of Wound Healing

Stages of Wound Healing

Stages of wound healing involve complex biochemical and physiological functions our body sets in motion as soon as injury occurs. There are four stages of wound healing in all from the initial injury to a completely healed wound. The wound healing process follows a set of steps

7 Things To Know About Wound Healing Process

Wound Healing Process

Wound healing process is a body’s complex reaction to an injury intended to repair the damage to internal organs or skin. This perfectly orchestrated process takes anywhere from several days up to a month depending on the extent of the injury and underlying physiological conditions.

Wound VAC Therapy Pros and Cons

Wound VAC Therapy

Wound VAC therapy is one of the newest methods used to assist in wound healing in patients with especially hard to heal skin wounds. These cases include surgical incisions, diabetic ulcers, burns and other challenging skin sores. This revolutionary method first introduced in 1996 has changed the way the medical world addresses serious and complex wounds in critically ill or bedridden patients.