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Seborrheic Dermatitis Symptoms Difference – Scalp vs Face!

Seborrheic Dermatitis Symptoms

Seborrheic dermatitis symptoms can range from anything from the well known symptoms of irritation and flaky skin, to the lesser known but just as intrusive symptoms like hair loss and lesions.

5 Best Seborrheic Dermatitis Natural Treatment Solutions

Seborrheic Dermatitis Natural Treatment

While seeing a dermatologist is imperative when dealing with seborrheic dermatitis treatment options, there are a host of home remedies that can prove useful for daily symptoms and help alleviate the pain

Types of Dermatitis – 5 Most Common and 5 Rarest!

Types of Dermatitis

Many types of dermatitis can be easily prevented, especially allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis. If you are allergic to certain plants, educating your self about the plants’ whereabouts

7 Surprising Facts About Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis, or ICD, is caused by chemicals that damage the skin. After stripping the skin of moisture or natural oils it needs to heal itself, the chemical is able to damage the skin on deeper levels

7 Things About Rhus Dermatitis Treatment You Didn’t Know!

Rhus Dermatitis

There are many types of dermatitis, but one of the most painfully irritating is Rhus dermatitis. Rhus dermatitis, or poison ivy rash, is an allergic reaction to the plant Toxicodendron radicans

Lichenoid Dermatitis with Eosinophils Treatment

Lichenoid Dermatitis

Lichenoid dermatitis is an inflammatory dermatological condition that results in damage to the mucous membranes and inner layers of skin tissues such as dermis, and hair follicles. The disease takes its name from the appearance of the scaly rash that resembles lichens