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Major Causes For Loss of Skin Pigment

Loss of Skin Pigment

Only a very small portion of people on the planet have a loss of skin pigment on some part of their body. This condition is also known as vitiligo.

Pigmented Lesions in Children – What Could Be The Cause?

Pigmented Lesions in Children

While finding an oddly colored mark or lesion on your child can be scary, it’s actually something that you will be glad you found sooner than later. Finding anomalies on the surface of children’s skin allows for early identification and consistent monitoring of suspicious or potentially malicious markings.

Vitiligo Causes – What To Blame: Genetics, Viruses or Neural System?

Vitiligo Causes

Of all of the vitiligo facts we do have, one important one that we really don’t is what causes it and where does it come from? While medical science has many theories, we have yet to definitively identify the root cause or causes of this condition that manifests as a loss of skin pigment across various areas of the body.

Types of Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Skin Pigmentation Disorders

There are two types of skin pigmentation disorders. If the skin develops dark patches it is called hyperpigmentation. If the skin develops white spots it is called hypopigmentation.

White Patches On Skin – What Are They?

White Patches On Skin

White patches on skin could be an indication of a number of skin pigmentation disorders. Sunburn, blisters or other skin trauma can cause the affected areas to be without pigment for a length of time.

Melasma Treatment Over The Counter – Effective or Not?

Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a discoloration of the skin that is exposed to the sun, typically the face. Melasma treatment can range from a wait-and-see approach to topical medications to laser treatments.