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Top 10 Most Interesting Vitiligo Facts

Vitiligo Facts

Vitiligo is an unusual condition that affects the dermis of people with all different types and hues of skin. While it only affects a small part of the population, many people are looking to learn more about this perplexing total loss of skin color in some areas. We’ve compiled an interesting list of ten vitiligo facts you might

White Patches On Skin – What Are They?

White Patches On Skin

White patches on skin could be an indication of a number of skin pigmentation disorders. Sunburn, blisters or other skin trauma can cause the affected areas to be without pigment for a length of time.

Skin Discoloration After Sunburn – Is It Temporary?

Skin Discoloration

There are two types of skin discoloration but a variety of problems that can cause it. Hypopigmentation is when a patch of skin loses color. Hyperpigmentation is the development of darker patches.