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Shingles and Pregnancy – Should Expecting Moms Be Concerned?

Shingles and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a scary time. Changes in a woman’s body as a result of growing a new one can cause enough problems on their own

Shingles Natural Treatment: Myths and Facts

Shingles Natural Treatment

Treating shingles symptoms can be frustrating and difficult. For many people, riding it out is the only option. Many sufferers are prescribed different types of medications for treatment of shingles

Shingles Pain Relief – Prescription vs Natural Remedies!

Shingles Pain Relief

There are many conditions and symptoms that can benefit from the powers of nature, but shingles is just not one of them. This painful and long lasting condition requires medical care and in some cases, options for natural shingles pain relief can cause more problems than they alleviate.

Shingles is caused from the same virus that causes chickenpox.