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I Have Dry Itchy Skin On Face – Which Foods To Avoid?

Dry Itchy Skin

If you have dry itchy skin that is chronic and not just something that pops around when the snow flies, you may be wondering if your diet is contributing to your condition. Probably not.

Itchy Skin Causes – Allergies, Internal Diseases and Pregnancy!

Itchy Skin Causes

One day, it may be possible to not have to scratch when we itch. It seems as though just trying to contain the urge can actually cause the level of itchiness to increase 10 fold.

Why Is My Itchy Skin No Rash Worse At Night?

Itchy Skin No Rash

Itchy skin no rash is frustrating, but even more so at night. During the day, you are distracted by work and other activities so you don’t notice the itching.

Itchy Eyelids Causes And Treatment

Itchy Eyelids

The possible causes for itchy eyelids are numerous, and so are the possible treatments. Conditions that can cause your eyelids to itch can range from very mild to very severe

Small Itchy Bumps On Skin – What Are They?

Small Itchy Bumps On Skin

What are small itchy bumps on skin, and what causes this condition? The answer can be a number of different things. If you have very itchy skin and the small bumps are red, tender to the touch

Very Itchy Skin in Winter – What To Do?

Very Itchy Skin

Very itchy skin is common in the winter, and this affects millions of people. During the colder months forced heated air blows through the home, making the environment very dry.