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Herpes Ophthalmicus Symptoms and Treatment

Herpes Ophthalmicus

Herpes opthalmicus is a condition in which a dormant form of herpes is triggered by causes still unknown, usually later in life, in the form of shingles. When the eyes are affected by the herpes zoster infection, the condition is then referred to as herpes opthalmicus.

It’s likely that this condition is not the first herpes outbreak experienced by most people.

Herpes Outbreak Duration Without Treatment

Herpes Outbreak Duration

Most people cringe at the thought of the word herpes, much less being one of the millions of people afflicted with it. While many are familiar with genital herpes,

First Herpes Outbreak – What Should I Do?

First Herpes Outbreak

Are you experiencing your first herpes outbreak with small itchy sores covering your lips, mouth or areas surrounding them and wondering what you should do? Herpes labialis or simply a cold sore