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Skin Cancer on Scalp Under Hair

Skin Cancer on Scalp

Since skin cancer is caused by sun exposure primarily, it is logical to assume that it will manifest itself on the areas of our bodies most often exposed to the sun.

Top 5 Skin Cancer Warning Signs

Skin Cancer Warning Signs

If you’ve ever had a family member point out a suspicious looking mole and scold you to have it looked at, you’ve already identified one of the top skin cancer warning signs.

7 Facts About Cancerous Mole Removal

Cancerous Mole

Development of a mole is sometimes considered a pre-cancer sign, especially if the mole is changing. But this does not ensure that a mole is indeed a cancerous mole.

Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer For People With Fair Skin

Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer

According to a research study, the number of incidences of malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma among fair skinned people is increasing. The reason for this increase is thought to be a moderate-high exposure to UV radiations.

Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer – Is There A Link?

Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer

There are researchers who think there is clear and definite link between tanning beds and skin cancer. There are also scientists who think the connection between tanning beds and skin cancer

Melanoma Skin Cancer Stages

Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It’s believed to be caused by a malfunction in a DNA mechanism triggered by excessive sun exposure. Melanoma Skin Cancer.org urges people to inspect their moles regularly according to “ABCDE” warning signs,