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Burn Wounds Care Depends On Burn Degree

Burn Wounds

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Factors Affecting Wound Healing Process

Wound Healing Process

Our bodies are amazing things. Superheroes long have exaggerated one of the everyman’s normal superpowers in our incredible ability to heal. Factors affecting wound healing vary

Top 10 Wound Dressings

Wound Dressings

Wound dressings are materials applied directly to the injury site to create ideal for healing PH levels, prevent infection, reduce pain, soak up wound secretions and to stop the bleeding. Such dressings come in a plethora of forms such as gels, foams, beads, powders, pastes, films and so forth. The choice of a particular wound dressing depends on the type of injury and patient’s medical history according to Wikipedia.

Please take a look at what types of dressings are available on the medical market today.

1. Kaltostat Wound Dressings

This is one of the wound dressings that is produced from brown seaweed, usually kelp but sometimes other varieties. This dressing forms a gel which is not sticky