Overnight Acne Treatment – What Is Really Working?

Overnight Acne Treatment

The truth is that everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products. Some will rave about a new lotion or cream and others will swear that it’s nothing but glorified lotion. Your specific skin type, the type of acne you have, how severe your symptoms are and other factors will determine which overnight acne treatment is best for you.

Products like Clearasil Overnight Acne Serum claim to reduce irritation and it is marketed as an overnight acne blemish treatment. It contains salicylic acid, which has been proven effective against acne. Salicylic acid is very common in overnight treatments, and is found in many products designed for this purpose. Salicylic acid has been frequently used as a hormonal acne treatment as well. Another product that has been given good reviews is available at Bath and Body Works. Patricia Wexler Acnostat lotion is a lightweight formula that also contains the well known acid. Supposedly milder on the skin and touting exfoliating properties, this might be an overnight acne treatment that is worth a try.

If your skin doesn’t respond well to this nightly dose of acid, you might want to opt instead for home remedies. Coconut oil acne masks are great during the day, but because they never fully harden are not ideal for an overnight acne treatment because it is likely that the homemade mask you worked so hard on will mostly end up on your pillows. Olive oil for acne is a great home remedy but likely not something you would want to end up on your linens overnight either.

Finding an overnight acne treatment that is right for you unfortunately might be a lot of trial and error. The acid in most overnight products is largely effective, but if you have sensitive skin they might not be ideal for your condition. A good washing before bed and upon waking are key to maintaining good skin health. Remember that what you apply to your skin is only half the battle. Your skin care routine, diet, and makeup choices are all important to determining your skin condition.