Itchy Skin After Shower – What To Do?

Itchy Skin After Shower

If you experience itchy skin after shower, you are not alone. Many people have this problem, but what can you do about it? Combination of hot water stripping skin of protective oils, cold weather and harsh self care products could lead to annoyingly itchy skin.

The treatments you use should be determined by the causes of itchy skin, because dry skin should be treated completely different from allergies or other causes. The itching sensation you experience can be mild and just slightly annoying, or it can be so intense that you cannot focus on anything else. If you have itchy skin after shower and you are unsure of what the cause is there are some common remedies that you can try, and if one does not work you can move on to another until you finally find relief.

One of the most common causes of small itchy bumps on skin after showering is an allergic reaction. In severe allergy cases you may break out in hives and notice swelling, as well as having incredibly itchy skin after shower. Switching your bathing products for those designed for hypo allergenic or sensitive skin properties work best if an allergy is the cause of your problem. If you experience an itchy skin no rash this could still be caused by allergies, but you could also be suffering from dry skin. When your skin dries out and loses moisture the first sign is itching in the lower layers of skin.

Treatment for itchy skin after shower can include a deep moisturizing cream, applied after you gently pat dry. If hives appear or a rash is present, then antihistamines may help control the itch. Itchy armpits may be caused by a certain deodorant, especially if this is the only area where you are affected. Switching to another brand or a prescription hypoallergenic product may help. If the itching persists or becomes severe medical treatment should be sought.

If itchy skin after shower persists, try revisiting your daily shower regimen. Normally once we hit the shower we expose ourselves to a full body rainfall of toxic compounds contained in the water and all the self care products we put on our skin and hair. Shower gel, shampoo, shaving gel, conditioner are just a short list of products that contain a plethora of ingredients that may be leading to itchy skin after shower. On top of that we never really consider chlorine and other harmful compounds that may be lurking in our shower water. Dr Mercola, one of the leading holistic health professionals, describes how installing a shower water filter can significantly cut down your toxic exposure wreking havoc in the condition of your skin and your overall health.

Limiting shower time, using more natural emollient products designed for sensitive skin and installing a high quality shower water filter are one of the best remedies to tackle most cases of itchy skin. To learn more helpful tips on how to control dry skin itch provided by Dr. Oz, click one one of the links below.