Best Wrinkle Filler – What Should I Consider?

Best Wrinkle Filler

Whether or not you are ready to go under the um, laser? With laser wrinkle treatment, if your skin is showing signs of age, it might be something you are considering. When creams and lotions fail to provide the deep wrinkle treatment you were hoping for, you may turn to searching for the best wrinkle filler available. Currently, a new third option, an injectable product is making waves and that product is Restylane injections.

Some are calling Restylane the best wrinkle filler available currently, and at just over 300 dollars per treatment, it’s more affordable than previous versions of filling. These products work by adding fullness to the skin to correct folds and even enhance lips via injection of hyaluronic acid. Restylane under eyes treatment is popular for orbital troughs which are the areas below and at the sides of the eyes.

Follow up sessions of this purported best wrinkle filler are required every six to twelve months in order to maintain results. Side effects of this product can include of course swelling, irritation and on occasion, lumps or granulomas. The more serious of these side effects are rare and typically creams and lotions are used to reduce the symptoms of the milder effects.

If you aren’t interested in needing a needle to provide the best wrinkle filler for your face, then you might want to head to the drugstore or your online marketplace. Collagen, known for years to be the best wrinkle filler that can be applied topically via cream or lotion, is readily available in many fine anti wrinkle products. Admittedly, the same results are probably not achievable with a serum versus an injection, but the cost difference is staggering, and the maintenance is as easy as, well, applying lotion.

Your decision to go under the needle or use a cream will depend on your doctor’s recommendations, your skin type, your available budget, and the severity of your wrinkles and lines. No matter which choice you make, do your homework, and have realistic expectations for the fountain of youth doesn’t come in a jar, and as of this point, it doesn’t come in a needle either.